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Hi, I'm Becca. Welcome to Goods & Puds! Goods & Puds is a food blog I started in 2017. I originally liked the idea of keeping a record of my recipes online, so I thought I would give blogging a go. Back in 2017, I also spent a rather unhealthy amount of time watching Netflix so I felt that starting a blog would help me spend more time doing something more meaningful that I enjoy. 

Goods & Puds serves as a creative outlet for me. Baking and cooking is a hobby for me. It is also one of the ways I like to de-stress alongside HIIT workouts, true crime podcasts, cheese and wine nights, visiting fancy bakeries and afternoon tea.


When I first started out, I thought about trying to build a business from the blog. I put pressure on myself to post a number of recipes each month and build a social media following. Then I realised it was taking all the fun out of my hobby. Instead, it was making it stressful. I also came to realise that I actually really like the job I already do a lot, and ultimately I wouldn't be willing to give that up in order to build a business. 

I like the creative aspect of putting my recipes online but, in an already stressful world, I don't need to put unnecessary pressure on myself. So, for now, I bake and cook what I like when I want, and get round to posting my favourite recipes when the mood strikes. For those who read my blog, thank you for bearing with my erratic recipe updates! I'm not ruling out any full-time or part-time business ventures for the future, but for now, life is good as it is. 

I do most of my baking in Berkshire with my fiancé Greg who is a keen taste tester of most recipes, even though he doesn't particularly like cake. A dedicated group of work colleagues are also committed taste testers and I can always count on them to make sure that nothing goes to waste. 


Aside from baking, cooking and blogging, other interests of mine include fitness, a bordering on unhealthy obsession with true crime podcasts, reading, travel and photography. I also love animals and life would not be complete without my rescue cat Rocky, who spends his days in the countryside at my parents' house patrolling the fields for his catch of the day.